Uplifting and Trendy, DANJYO HIYOJI x Tarakan Renders a Youthful Collection

As the largest and most-developed city in North Kalimantan, Tarakan sure has its share of talented Batik craftsmen. With their own signature colors and discernible patterns, the small enterprises chosen to produce Batik used in DANJYO HIYOJI’s latest mini collection are Julak Batik, Batik Pakis Asia, Batik De Erte, Mersiah Tenun, and Tenun Lima Permata.

Fimela’s 11th anniversary celebration included a collaboration between DANJYO HIYOJI and Tarakan City’s finest small enterprises that are nurtured by the local government. Held at The Hermitage Hotel, DANJYO HIYOJI 2021 Mini Collection “BAIS” was introduced on the runway.

DANJYO HIYOJI 2021 Mini Collection “BAIS” presented on the runway. | Photo by: Heri Apriadi

Tarakan City’s motto, “Bersih, Aman, Indah, Sehat dan Sejahtera” or “BAIS” for short, is brought up as the theme and main inspiration for this collection. To portray Tarakan and the various details of each craftsmen properly, DANJYO HIYOJI designer, Dana Maulana, came up with 11 ready-to-wear looks after having classified them according to their characteristics. Each of these looks represents each Batik craftsmen differently.

For instance, the tiered scarf-like skirt highlights Julak Batik’s pastel colors. Batik De Erte’s signature gold color combined with laser-cut white fabric gives off a playful and trendy look. Batik Pakis Asia’s signature pattern is presented in more wearable pieces with a hint of contemporary.

As for woven Batik, Dana Maulana wanted to transform the old and out-of-date attributes into something more youthful. The basic colors of Mersiah Tenun and Tenun Lima Permata which are Navy and Black, respectively, with their solid patterns are applied to tailored pieces like men’s blazer and women’s vest.

DANJYO HIYOJI, Fimela, and Tarakan representatives in one frame with models. | Photo by: Heri Apriadi

Batik isn’t usually interpreted as light and flowy, not to mention how rare people wear it as their daily wear. DANJYO HIYOJI overcame that stereotypical challenge and managed to create not one, but 11 outfits fit for today’s generation to wear on a daily basis. They are trendy, light, and not a single strand loose from the original concept of dressing up millenials, young women especially. The floral headpieces and natural makeup and hairstyles are all to represent young women coming out as their beautiful, true selves.

Through the colors and patterns of each craftsmen, DANJYO HIYOJI 2021 Mini Collection “BAIS” aims to manifest positivity during the pandemic and the determination to rise up among fellow creative workers through collaborative work between small enterprises.

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Written by: Arfiana

Danjyo Hiyoji